Glowing lightbulb with filament made of tungsten

A Great Idea is a Great Equalizer

Today, any brand can win in the marketplace with a powerful brand idea.

Ideas are what hold consumer attention.

Big brands, small brands, they’re all equal in the eyes of the web.

"In a [FREE MARKET] economy, the most valuable resource is people's attention."
- Wally Olens

A company can win a global market, or create a new market. It can do it quickly, at relatively low cost, and from anywhere in the world.

What sets a brand apart, is a great advertising idea. A great idea is a great equalizer, and a great differentiator. Ideas can disrupt markets and scramble old equations.

Ideas enable brands to communicate with consumers more persuasively and memorably. With greater engagement and recall.

Whether online, in print, on TV or on radio, any advertising message is infinitely more effective when it has a great creative idea behind it. That's how brands engage, enthrall, and connect with their consumers. That's how brands hold their consumers' attention.

Ideas give the advantage to the disrupter, not the disrupted.

That's why brands need Tungsten: the ideas agency.

At Tungsten, we think of ideas all day. It's what we do. We create ideas for all types of brands and products. Mostly big ideas that a client can confidently put their resources behind. But sometimes, bite-sized ideas for that fleeting tactical opportunity presented by a trending hashtag.

Ideas are who we are. What we live for. It's why we call ourselves Tungsten.

Ideas, you see, are represented by the light bulb. And at the heart of a light bulb, there is the filament. Made of... yes, made of tungsten.

That's why we named ourselves Tungsten.

To remind ourselves every minute of every day that anything we do, any ad we create, any work that leaves our door, must at its heart have a strong brand idea. Nothing less will do.

A great idea is not just a brand differentiator. It's a great equalizer. An ad with a strong idea penetrates the media clutter with memorable and distinctive messaging that triggers consumer desire, moves you, makes you laugh, makes you buy, makes you donate, makes you join a social trend, adopt a puppy, cut carbon, buy a car, or try a new candy bar.